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CUnet slave IC, four 12-bit AD channels + DIO

The MKY44-AD12A is a CUnet station (hearafter "slave") IC with analog input function. With an MKY44-AD12A, analog input and DIO control can be achieved on one chip without using the CPU.
For analog input, the data acquisition timing can be selected from 5 modes. There are also parameter settings for smoothing processing.

Measurement data according to the set mode is automatically input to the MKY44-AD12A's own memory block.
The input data is automatically copied to all CUnet ICs through CUnet communication (memory sharing), so the user CPU can acquire analog data easily just by reading the memory blocks corresponding to each slave IC.
Existing users of CUnet can get analog input just by adding this product to their networks.
New users have the opportunity to reduce A/D wiring that used to use parallel connections and to achieve easy, networked analog control.

MKY44-AD12A specifications

ADC Built-in
A/D conversion
12 bits
A/D conversion time Approx. 26 µs/conversion (internal)
Number of channels 4-channel multiplexer
Acquisition mode Cyclic mode
Software trigger mode
Hardware trigger mode
Moving average mode (peak shaving available)
Period average mode (peak shaving available)
DIO DI 4 bits / DO 4 bits
ST44SW Unrequired
Communication method CUnet communication
Self-owned area 1 block (8 bytes)
Transfer rate 3/6/12 Mbps (Half-duplex)
Package TQFP 64-pin
Package dimension 12×12×1.2 mm (0.5 mm pitch)
Operating ambient
-40 to +85°C
Supply voltage 3.3 V
External input operating
4 MHz (The oscillator is supported.)

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