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About Step Technica


"Not at one stroke, but one step at a time …" It reflects our company name of "Step Technica".

With the motto, Step Technica's professional engineers have achieved the development and support systms where things are done one step at a time, not a one stroke.

Step Technica is an LSI maker. We have been continuing to develop new products that follows the market trends, under the development motto "Something that seems to exist, but does not" and "Somebody seems to be trying, but nobody does".
We will contribute to industry development by providing our more reliable and innovative products.

FA業界における不可能を可能にした、2つの制御用ネットワークHLS(Hi-speed Link System)とCUnet超高速レスポンス、ロング配線長、高耐ノイズを同時に実現しました

HLS (Hi-peed Link System) and CUnet have obtained reliable results in various fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, building management system, road information management system, robots, medical equipment.