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Environmental Policy

We at Step Technica are committed to building sustainable society through developing and manufacturing of our unique LSIs.
We recognize the environmental impacts caused by our business activities, and are working to prevent the pollution while following the environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.
Within the optimum range, we will systematically promote the following activities.
Also, we will change these priority activities in accordance with changing circumstances.

  • To combat global warning, we use electricity for lighting, air conditioning, and OA equipment more efficiently to promote eco-office
  • To save precious and limited resources, we streamline our business operation and use environmentally-friendly products actively
  • To make effective use of resources, we strive to continuously reduce all types of wastes
  • To develop and design environmentally-friendly products, we conduct an environmental assessment at the development/design phases of new products

July 20, 2005
Step Technica Co., Ltd.