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Our History

August 1985Founded in Kuboinari, Iruma City, Saitama.
June 1987Reorganized into "StepTechnica Co., Ltd."; its capital was 3 million yen.
February 1990Launched MKY28.
August 1990Increased its capital to 12 million yen.
April 1994Tied with Pionics Co., Ltd.
September 1994Awarded Japanese patent for MKY28.
August 1995Increased its capital to 22 million yen.
February 1996Launched MKY33 and MKY34.
March 1997We won an honorable mention in "the 9th excellent new technology/product award for small and medium enterprise".
February 1996Launched MKY35.
December 1998Awarded US patent for "Hi-speed Link System".
October 1999Awarded Japanese patent for "Hi-speed Link System".
February 2001Launched MKY40.
April 2001We won the excellence award in "the 13th excellent new technology/product award for small and medium enterprise".
April 2002Relocated headquarters to Shimofujisawa, Iruma City, Saitama.
May 2004Launched MKY36.
March 2005Awarded Japanese patent for "CUnet".
August 2005Launched MKY02.
February 2006Awarded US patent for "CUnet".
March 2006Launched MKY37.
October 2007Launched MKY46.
May 2008Awarded EU patent for "CUnet".
October 2008Launched MKY43.
January 2012Launched MKY44-FS00A.
July 2013Launched HLSB-36PCIEXP and CUB-43PCIEXP.
August 2013Launched MKY44-AD12A and MKY44-AD16B.
September 2013Launched MKY44-AD16A and MKY44-IO32A.
September 2013Launched CUB44 series.
October 2013Launched MKY44-DA16A and MKY44-DA16B.
April 2015Launched HLSB-36PCI2.
July 2015Launched NFS-HLSC and NFS-CUNET.
November 2016Launched HLSB-36USB.
December 2016Launched HLSB-36PCI1.
April 2017Launched CU-43USB.
September 2017Established Niigata office in Chuo-ku, Niigata city, Niigata.
March 2019Launched CUB-43PCI1.
January 2020Established Kyoto office in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto.
August 2020Launched MKY44-SPI.
July 2022Head office relocated to Higashiyamato City, Tokyo.