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CUnet slave IC 16DIN, 16DOUT

The MKY46 is a CUnet station (hearafter "slave") IC with DI/O control function.
It has 32 bits I/O pins, which can be switched between input and output by 4 bits.

[DI: input operation]

Input data is written to the self-owned area (8 bytes per block) and copied to all other CUnet ICs by CUnet communication.

[DO: output operation]

Because CUnet is multiple-master, the master of the slave must be set at the data output station address (DOSA) pin. The MKY46 outputs the data of the memory area of the master set at DOSA.



DIO 32 bits (Settable I/O by 4 bits)
Communication method CUnet communication
Communication rate 3/6/12 Mbps (half duplex)
Package TQFP 100-pin
Package dimensions 17×17×1.7 mm (0.5 mm pitch)
Operating ambient
-40 to +85℃
Supply voltage 5.0 V
External input operating
48 MHz

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